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Since the launch of the Open Languages Project, talented and passionate volunteers from around the World have generously contributed their time and expertise with us to make users more connected and help them break through the language barrier!

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Hardest Languages to learn? Fret not!



Foreign Service Institute(FSI) listed Arabic, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese) and Korean as a languages that hard to learn. Of course, everyone has different opinion on this as one’s mother tongue will greatly influence for this.

However, here’s some good news for you. We will simply tell you why it is not so difficult at all.

1. Chinese: Limited use of tense, no gender (though some of you might find it difficult), no grammatical case, no polite form.

2. Japanese : Easy phonology, no gender, non-tonal language, lots of foreign word imported.

3. Korean: Easy alphabet (you can learn it in an hour), easy phonology, no gender, simple and straight forward grammar.

4. Arabic : Easy pronunciation, easy verb conjugation,flexible word order,every word is spelled exactly as it sounds and all syllables are equally stressed.

So, let’s now all jump into and start learn, no more excuses! :)



[Volunteer’s Day] Thank you all contributors!

Tuesday is Volunteer’s Day at the Open Languages Project!

We would like to dearly thank everyone, who for the love of languages and education, have volunteered with us.

Joaquin Rodriguez Suro, who as European Manager and Portuguese writer has tirelessly set the standard for our European language courses, Lily Yi, our Marketing Manager and Korean Language Writer who is giving us a voice to the world, and Laura Nistor, our Translations Manager and Romanian Writer who expands our courses for people of all languages.

 A special thanks also to all our language contributors, including Jun Zhang (Chinese and Japanese), M. Pietzsch (English), Damian Guede (Spanish), Samira Khetib (Arabic), Thuy Phan (Vietnamese), Sylvain (French), Yuka (Japanese), Prawee Nonthapun (Thai), Joseph Maramba (Swahili), Tapesh Kumar (Hindi), Olga Ivanova (Russian), Stephanie Borst (German), Nonny Nwaedozie (Igbo), Dewi Lau (Indonesian), Georgia Zeta Poulorini (Greek), Siti Ngalim (Malay), Tina Kaplani (Croatian and Italian), Silvia Romagnoli (Italian), Diana Astashevska (Polish), Fizza Hassan (Urdu), Djankou Ndjonkou (consultancy), Martina Manfredi (French and Italian) and Claudio Segantini (Italian).